Design Object

Design Object is a platform on which designers can post their creations and have them printed on alumium, canvas or plexiglass for the lucky buyer at a very reasonable price! This of course required a beautiful website, which we were happy to design and put together. Take a look at the website to see what creations can be found! We also have some beautiful pop art illustrations and watercolor cities hanging on the wall at Dare headquarters.

The website

The designs required a sleek webshop that would showcase all the categories and collections. Fortunately, we love making a webshop at The Dare Company. We divided the designs into categories such as Animals, Brands, Music and People but also into collections. The collections are for example Naked Nature, Zodiac Signs or Pop Art, so people can search for what they like in different ways. The product pages are filled with information about the works to give the web shop some more content. Another interesting addition from Design Object: the possibility of having a property illustrated, or have a Pop Art illustration drawn of yourself, an acquaintance or a pet. You can check this out on the Pop Art Illustration page. We have also created special mock-ups for the artworks. This allows interested buyers to see in advance what the design would look like if it were hanging in a house.


Have a look at some of the designs we found at theDesign Object website below! Be sure to check out the web shop to see if there's something in there for your home or office!