Retail marketing

Because of our experience with companies that are active in the retail sector, we see that consumers are increasingly expecting more in terms of experience, transparency and accessibility. In addition, we also see the growing competition in the retail sector from online propositions. With online propositions you can approach a much larger target group in a specific business segment or or with a specific interest. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to make choices and to distinguish yourself. That is why we are happy to help you highlight your unique selling points and communicate this to your target group. We have experience with retail marketing and knowledge of the retail sector and online propositions in particular. This way we know what is going on in the market and we can assist you in the right way.

Why do customers choose The Dare Company for their marketing and communication needs?

The Dare Company not only has technical knowledge, but also understands business models, pricing and reward models for whole-sale and (online) retail.

As a one-stop-shop for marketing and communication services, we can relieve our clients from various marketing activities. For example the construction and maintenance of a Magento or WooCommerce webshop and online marketing such as SEO, SEA and Google Shopping. This gives our customers convenience and the ability to fully focus on the core business of their retail company.

We work with project groups so that we can be flexible, switch quickly and to make sure there is no extra mark-up on the rates because outsourcing is required.

We know the systems and processes that are common in the retail industry. This makes it easy for us to quickly make connections with IT systems of other parties who are also active in this sector. This includes the integration of inventory management systems and the link with fulfillment partners for logistics such as drop shipments and Payment Service Providers for payments.

Our clients in retail marketing

The Dare Company has partnerships with The Beauty Club, Very Cherry, Hoeked, Super-Taart, Hygoncare, de Manchetknopenwinkel, SpaceXFanstoreMake My Moment en Rookies 5. Besides that, we also work with clients that offer products with addditional services, like Vendit, Tattoo Bob and Geen Boot Wel Varen. We have customers with a fixed store, an online webshop or a combination of these.

make my moment

rookies 5

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