Star Management Week

The STAR Management Week is the largest off-campus business and recruitment event in the Benelux. From October 26 to November 11, 2022, the 36th edition of the STAR Management Week took place. This year's theme was "Explore, Pursue, Achieve! They are again offering the opportunity to enrich student life by participating in various activities. STAR Management asked The Dare Company to realize several projects and media expressions. Read all about it below!

Photo shoot

We were given the honor of capturing the handsome organizers of the event in photographs. We were then able to use these professional photos to incorporate into the corporate identity and the various expressions it is featured on. For example, they are pictured on the cups we made for the event!

Logo & Corporate identity

A logo was designed for the "Explore, Pursue, Achieve" theme. The font for this was already fixed, this is the same every year. We placed the three words of the theme below each other in a very elegant way. They are equally important, so they are the same size and are placed directly underneath each other.

To complete the corporate identity, we added organic, movable shapes, in different layers.


The cups were made up in the basic colors of the corporate identity and were used before and during the event. Among other things, they were at the SPAR on campus. The handy QR code on them allowed their users to easily find the program on their phones!


The Dare Company got the assignment to format the posters for the event. One poster has the general corporate identity and the other posters have different colors. The rounded triangular plectrum shapes are still represented in all posters, as well as the results of the photo shoot we held. The purpose of the posters was to highlight the date and, above all, generate interest among students.

Program booklet

For the October and November event, we created a program booklet. In it we presented all the information and schedules as clearly as possible, of course in the house style. A beautiful booklet for a beautiful event!

Escalator stickers

To make students aware of the event, escalator stickers were placed on the Erasmus campus. When students used the escalator they came across the corporate identity and student models!

Information booklet Honorary Discussions

An information booklet was created for the Honorary Discussions event of STAR Management Week 2022, detailing the program and providing more information about the speakers. During the event, these were distributed to all participants of the Honorary Discussions.

Beer mats

Of course, a student event is not complete without a couple ofbeers. That's why this year we also designed special beer mats for this event! Complete with logo, corporate colors, QR code and one of the student models. Cheers!