Restaurant De Tuin

Welcome to the delightful Restaurant De Tuin. With its great location at the Kralingse Plas and the Kralingse Bos, there is a lot of nature around you while enjoying delicious food and a relaxed atmosphere. In summer, the waterside terrace will especially appeal, with a lovely breeze and insane views all around you. In winter, the old mansion (1867!) in which the restaurant is built is a good base for walkers or ice skaters, for example. It was up to The Dare Company to design a website that honors all these cool features of De Tuin!

The website

On the website, of course, it should be possible to find what kind of food is served at Restaurant De Tuin. With that, we placed a submenu where the various events the venue can be rented for can be found. Along with information about the stately building and its history, this completes the content.

What was especially important for our designers is that the great glass windows of the building, and thus the great view, is clearly visible on the website. Therefore, we chose a design with a wide photo of the location at the top of each page. This is something that our website designers often apply: the appearance of the location should be reflected in the design of the website. This is also why groups of colored squares can be found in various places on the website. These squares can in fact be found in the interior walls of De Tuin, making it a nice detail for the visitor!

In addition, the restaurant is very nice to visit in both summer and winter, so the website is designed in such a way that the design easily changes colors twice a year! After all, different colors in winter should make guests warm to visit than in summer.


Our designers also got to work on the new menus for Restaurant De Tuin. The beautiful salmon pink color that they had added to the corporate identity colors was immediately applicable here. In addition, the red, dark brown and white blocks that can be found as tiles in the interior of the building can be found in the corner of the menu.


Physical marketing also seemed appropriate for Restaurant De Tuin., so we designed sleek leaflets that can be distributed throughout Rotterdam and the surrounding area.  This, of course, also contains the beautiful photos and information about the place, with everything cast in the cozy house colors.