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ZIA & The Dare Company

The Dare Company was given the opportunity to develop a new logo for the Care Innovation Academy. Care Innovation Academy, or ZIA, was created to come up with sustainable and innovative solutions to the issues within the field of care and welfare. ZIA does this by combining the knowledge, expertise, experience and facilities of education, care institutions (labor market) and government (municipalities) in the MVS region. ZIA works from three pillars: Education & Labor Market, Research & Innovation and Housing & Welfare.


The three pillars were used for the logo design. Each of the three pillars was given its own colour. These three colours are combined in the logo's icon, which has a shape of a heart in it, which is recognisable for the theme of "care". Colours in the logo of living & welfare and research & innovation converge on labor market & education. Here we brought them together and applied them. 

Corporate paper

From the logo, the corporate paper was developed. The logo and the 3 colors related to the pillars were used for this. The font has a friendly and reliable appearance and is easy to read.