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Do you want to rank higher in Google? Use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your website! This is an organic way to end up high in the ranking of the search engines.

Search engine marketing

Search engine optimisation is part of of search engine marketing. The aim of this kind of marketing, is to be found online more easily. With search engine optimisation you take care of implementing the right content in your website. By doing this in the right way, you'll be found in Google more easily.

SEO Work

SEO consists of several weekly activities, namely:

  • Content
  • Technical SEO
  • Link building

To optimize these techniques, we must first analyze how visitors search and the search intent of these searches.

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Social media marketing plan 

Search engine optimisation is part of search engine marketing. The purpose of search engine marketing is to become more visible online. This is done in either an organic or in a paid way. With search engine optimisation you ensure that you place the right content on the website. This can be done, for example, by placing certain word combinations in the text that are frequently searched for. Because of this you will be found more easily and more frequently. This will cause you to appear at the top in Google. The other form of search engine marketing is Search Engine Advertising (SEA). The term says it all. SEA is the paid variant of search engine marketing. These websites usually appear even higher than the organic results that have risen through SEO. A combination of SEO and SEA is often chosen, but both can certainly be used separately.  

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Technical SEO


The speed of a website is one of the most important ranking factors in Google. If a website or webshop takes longer than 3 seconds to load, you can lose valuable visitors. This is of course a shame! That is why we always look at page speed during our technical optimization.

For example, we optimize images so that they are suitable for the website. Furthermore, you can think of a number of other factors such as the use of HTML and CSS.


In addition to the above optimizations, we also pay attention to redirects. A redirect is a reference from an old URL to a new URL. There are several types of redirects, namely:

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301 redirect: This indicates that the URL has been permanently moved. With a 301 redirect, you transfer the power of the old URL to the new URL. A 301 redirect is often the best choice, as you transfer the power of the old URL to the new URL;

302 redirect: This redirect indicates that the URL has been temporarily moved to another page. So you can apply this redirect for a temporary action page. A 302 redirect gives no power to the new URL;

303 redirect: This is a replacement redirect, also called a 'see other' redirect. You often apply this redirect to forms or payments, for example. It ensures that a user cannot submit a form or payment again using the "previous" button (←) in browsers;

307 redirect: This redirect is also a replacement redirect and is similar to a 302 redirect. So you also set this redirect when a page is temporarily moved to another page;

308 redirect: This is similar to a 301 redirect a indicates that the page has been permanently moved to another URL. Also, a 308 redirect passes power to the new URL.

Multiple redirects

Be careful when using redirects! After all, you can't keep going indefinitely. If a URL contains multiple redirects, they will also lose power. We recommend keeping the number of redirects on a URL below 5. We recommend this because search engines, such as Google, stop at 5 redirects.

Broken links and 404 pages

We also look at broken links and 404 pages on the website during our technical SEO optimizations. Broken links are URLs that no longer work. On a broken link, you can then set up a redirect that points to the correct page.

A 404 page is a page that no longer exists or is not found. This could be due to a broken link you placed on a page (for example, a URL with a typo in it) or that the page has been removed, think for example of an old action page. During our technical SEO analysis, we look to see if there are many 404 pages present that we can possibly redirect to a new URL. Despite the fact that you want to prevent as much as possible, it is important to have a good 404 page. For example, a good 404-error may contain quite a bit of humor, but it should also allow website users to return to the website's home page.

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Link Building

Website Authority is an incredibly important thing to rank in Google. To increase authority, we apply link building. Link building is placing links for your website on external websites that are relevant to the topic. This is called backlinks. But, link building can also be done in a bad way, which actually makes your website lose power! Not only external links are important for your website these days, a good internal link structure is also essential. Good internal link building contributes to proper navigation, and also distributes your website's authority among your overall pages.

SEO for YouTube?

Want to know how to show your videos in Google search results? Make sure you have a good title that makes visitors want to watch and share your video. A good and catchy title ensures a better CTR. When someone sees your video in the search results among all the other videos, the title determines whether or not they want to watch it.  

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