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Corporate identity ofMore Itz

At More Itz the sky really is the limit. Have a drink, enjoy the wonderful terrace and have a nice dinner in their restaurant. Visiting More Itz is a big experience for every customer. The location is surrounded by nature: a valuable asset to More Itz. You need to visit this wonderful place to know what we are talking about. More Itz asked us to design their complete corporate identity and to deliver a strong branding. We decided to create a powerful brand and we’ve perfectioned it in every little detail. The Dare Company proudly presents the result of this successful branding project.

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More Itz on Social Media

The Dare Company designed More Itz’s social media accounts. Every single banner, profile picture and other graphical image was created by our team. The finishing touch is of course a graphically and technically good website matching the corporate identity of More Itz.

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More Itz signing & packaging

As you’ve noticed, More Itz is much more than just a fancy restaurant. The strong brand also has its own clothing collection and home fragrance. Again, The Dare Company took care of the graphical aspects of these products. The crew looks amazing in their brand-new T-shirts. The unique and delicious home fragrance was fully designed by our team. Furthermore, The Dare Company created the car lettering for the company cars. Car lettering is a good way to improve the visibility of More Itz in the area. 

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More Itz beer

Besides the sale of many gadgets, More Itz also brew their own beer. Many customers have ordered the More Itz beer. Because the beer is delicious and on the other hand it proves the strenght of More Itz's branding. But every delicious beer needs to have its own beer glass. No problem at all for The Dare Company. We designed the graphic that is displayed on the glass.