Strengthen your employer brand

Would you like to manage your reputation as an employer and create a positive image of your company? Then you should take a look at your employer branding. Employer branding is often still seen as nothing more than a recruitment campaign or a good " jobs" website, but it is so much more than that! As a sub-category of branding, the goal of employer branding is to attract and retain top talent - mainly by presenting the organisation as a great place to work. Are you interested in developing your employer brand, but are you not sure what the best approach is for your organisation? Then you've come to the right place at The Dare Company! We specialise in building authentic employer brands that have profound meaning and come to life.

What is employer branding and why is it important?

Most organisations are familiar with branding, but what exactly is employer branding? Employer branding is a sub-category, or component, of (corporate) branding, but is completely different as a whole. While corporate branding focuses on creating a brand image for the company and its products or services, employer branding is about creating a positive perception of the organisation as an employer. Simply put, employer branding is a crucial part of corporate branding that focuses on attracting and retaining top talent by highlighting the organisation's values, culture and work environment.

It is so much more than just creating an attractive job vacancy or having a recruitment site. Your employer branding tells your current and future employees who you are, what the employee value proposition is, including the unique aspects of the employee experience, company culture and the opportunities within your organisation, with an emphasis on career growth and development opportunities. Employer branding ensures that you can show why your organisation is so attractive to top talent!

“Employees seek to work for organizations just as customers seek to do business with them: when they feel that the organisation offers what they desire.” Edward E. Lawler III & Christopher G. Worley 

What does employer branding include?

Good employer branding consists of a strategic plan, clear (employer) brand values, and transparent communication. This includes your corporate identity and core values, brand story, long-term goals, mission, and vision. But also the content that you share via your website, social media, newsletters, advertisements (such as SEA campaigns) and "job" website. In short: everything that shows how your organisation distinguishes from competitors and how candidates and employees experience you as an employer!

Employer branding strategy as a foundation for a strong employer brand

Successful employer branding depends on a strategic plan, which we call an employer branding strategy. But, what is an employer branding strategy? When you determine an employer branding strategy, you are actually defining your corporate identity. Consider the corporate culture, and distinctive corporate values that characterise your company. During this journey of self-discovery, you and your brand will make all kinds of important steps. These are the steps we visit at The Dare Company:

      • A strong Employee Value Proposition (EVP): What does your organisation offer employees compared to other employers?What are the employment conditions? What is the company culture? Does your company keep the promises that they made?Internal identity: What are your unique core and company values? What is your mission and vision? In short: Who are you and what kind of employer do you want to be?
      • External identity: How does the target audience perceive your organisation compared to the competition? How does the organisation become more relevant and attractive to the target audience?
      • Target audience: Who are your ideal candidates? What qualities and characteristics do these people have?
      • Positioning: What language use can the candidate identify with? What are the needs of the employees or candidates? 
      • Communication: How do you promote your employer brand? Through which channels can you best reach your candidates and employees? Online? Offline?

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An employer branding boost for Dokter Bosman

Doctor Bosman is one of our projects where we were able to take branding to a higher level, including employer branding. Doctor Bosman is there for children, young people and adults with psychological problems or disorders. In close collaboration, we designed recruitment flyers, set up an attractive "jobs" website and carried out SEA campaigns as part of their employer branding strategy. Through thoughtful designs and powerful messages, we highlighted Doctor Bosman's unique culture and values, positioning the company as a top employer.

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The dynamic employer branding of HKS

Another notable project was our work with HKS, a company that focuses on processing, separating and sorting iron, residual fractions and electronics. During this project we developed a dynamic "jobs" website, produced a compelling recruitment video and put together tailor-made goodie bags for employees. A well-thought-out concept, devised by a team of various professionals in the field of marketing, graphic design and web development, ultimately ensured that not only new talent was attracted, but also strengthened internal involvement.

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Fortunately, The Dare Company has over 18 years of experience in setting up and implementing these strategies. We are happy to help you create a successful employer branding strategy. We will ensure that the organisation creates a positive perception as an employer brand and that the unique aspects of the employee experience and company culture are emphasised. We would be happy to work with you to find the perfect balance between the brand identity and the brand image of your organisation. Because the right balance is what makes every brand strong! Contact us for the possibilities!

We have all the people in-house who can make your branding a success. You can contact us for, among other things, setting up branding strategies, marketing strategies, corporate design, a new website or even complete corporate identities.