The various styles of 
Make My Moment

Make my Moment is a producer and retailer for all important moments in your life. A webshop has been developed for selling special theme decorations and related articles for every moment. The Dare Company has developed a fundamental corporate identity for Make my Moment, but a special style has been developed for each underlying Moment. There is a connection between the different branding styles of Make My Moment so that website visitors can see that the web shops are all sistercompanies. With each style, the target group was carefully examined so that appropriate themes could be developed.



The Dare Company has developed a number of games for Make my Moment. For example, illustrations were drawn for the quartet game and a complete game box was developed for the baby and bridalshower. A variation has also been made on the well-known games Twister and Ezeltje Prik, specially adjusted to the different moments. Every game is extensively tested with the target group.


Books for multiple occassions

We develop special friendship books for Babyshower Moment and Bridalshower Moment. In these booklets the participants answer all kinds of questions about themselves and about the Mom to Be or Bride to Be. Just like in the friends' books you might have had as a kid! Guestbooks have also been developed for when the baby is born or for a wedding.


The Product development

Make my Moment has a large assortment with various products. While making these products, all kinds of printing and cutting techniques are being used on balloons, cups, boxes, napkins, garlands and on crowns, for example. The technical die-cut drawings of the boxes are also drawn by The Dare Company. Craft activities such as dino's and dragon's masks have been developed for children's parties.

9 maanden beurs

the dare company - make my moment

Custom Fair booth

The Nine Month Fair at 'the RAI' is the ultimate fair for Babyshower Moment to bring their products to the attention of the public. The Dare Company provides all necessary exhibition items, such as banners and stand fittings.The Dare Company also creates a marketing strategy to involve as many visitors as possible with the products of Make My Moment. For this, press releases were written and press kits were developed by The Dare Company.


Follow Make My Moment

The web shops of Make my Moment focus entirely on the consumer market. Social media marketing is extremely important for this. The visibility on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is extremely important. The Dare Company takes care of all communications on the channels of Make my Moment. The work differs from sponsored messages on Facebook to the concise texts for Twitter, and all images that are used in the social media posts. Various videos have been developed for the YouTube channel of Make my Moment. Stop-motion clips were made to show how orders are sent. For example, n instructional video was made on how to fold a crane.


web design


Make my Moment has various webshops that are all developed by The Dare Company. The webshops are designed in a style that fits the specific moment. The technology behind the webshop ensures that the orders will be processed easy and smooth - not only for the clients of Make my Moment, but also for the administration at Make my Moment itself. The webshops contain various technical options. For example, digital invitations can be sent, a high tea can be booked on location, vouchers can be checked and various statistics of products and orders can be viewed.