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Having a website built for the foreign market

Get your website ready for foreign markets

The Dare Company performs various operations in developing website fitting to the customer's requirement. Thus, The Dare Company has also developed several websites in languages such as Spanish and Chinese. Are you planning to enter an international market with your company? Or do you want to enter a foreign market with your webshop? Or is your target group located in different countries? The Dare Company helps companies to present themselves on the international market. With its 17 million inhabitants, the Netherlands is a small player on a global scale and the online competition in the Netherlands is killing. That's why it's always smart to look beyond your own borders.

The foreign market

If your webshop or website is doing well in the Netherlands, it is a logical step to look beyond the border and possibly target the foreign market. There is a lot involved in developing a website. If you want to target the foreign market with your product or service, it is crucial that your website meets the needs of the foreign market. Often your website/webshop is the first contact moment you have with your potential customer. The better your website or web shop is tailored to your customer, the more likely you are to generate conversions. In addition to translating your website, you must also ensure that your content is appropriate for the foreign market.

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The basic website

Before the step abroad is made, it is important that you ensure that your Dutch website is solid. This forms the basis for your foreign websites and your success abroad. It is important that the pages are SEO optimized for the Netherlands. What works for the search engines in the Netherlands will also work abroad (after translating the web texts). The Dare Company has a whole team of different specialists who can help you with any challenge.

Translate your website

By writing quality content, you achieve success in the Dutch market. After paying a lot of attention to the content, you also want it to be successful abroad. The texts will therefore have to be translated. For the translation of your website you can choose to hire a professional or make use of a native speaker. A native speaker often also has knowledge of the culture of a country, which enables them to perfectly identify with your target group.

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Optimizing your website or webshop locally

If you choose a locally optimized website, it will be optimized for your potential customers who are in that country or region. It is very important to look at the right use of words, colors and images that are used to reach the right target group. This ensures that your shop, products or services fit the target group and that you convey the right message. The content is thus tailor-made for the country or region concerned!