SME's Entrepreneurs in the Netherlands

BeUnited is the largest entrepreneurs' association in the Netherlands, for and by SME entrepreneurs, directors, and managers from across the country. BeUnited's mission is to unite, inspire, inform and connect small and medium-sized enterprises. It is a unique platform where valuable relationships are forged every day. These are brought together during more than 600 annual (on- and offline) events and activities. In cooperation with the partners, everything is done to support the members of the community to professionalise, strengthen and expand their own business(es) and to create sustainable value in a responsible way.

Graphic Design

BeUnited is a community set up in 2013 that now has over 100,000 members. With this huge scale comes a new refreshing design. Our designers went to work on the design of a modern logo that fits well with the platform. The colors orange, blue, white, and shades of gray were used. When designing the new logo, the old logo was used as a basis. The old logo consisted of a circle with 3 half circles around it. By using a round shape in the new logo, the logo has retained its authenticit