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Franchise Marketing

For many franchise formulas, conducting an effective (online) marketing campaign is difficult, because the interests of the head office also known as the franchisor, often differ from those of the franchisees.

Franchisors (the head office) consider it important to build a consistent brand and they often use the national marketing fund for their campaigns. This marketing fund consists of the  payments of the local franchisees. In addition to the national marketing fund, a franchisor also needs to deal with the local marketing budgets that each franchisee himself invests in the promotion of his/her branch. For franchisees it is important that they develop a good local marketing strategy for his/her branch. Due to these different strategies and interests, problems often arise when implementing these strategies.

What problems do franchise companies face

In general, franchisees, have too little time to maintain effective online marketing campaigns in addition to running their stores. It also regularly happens that there is not enough knowledge about online marketing among franchisees. Besides, different service areas often require a different marketing approach. But what are the most common problems for franchise marketing?

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1. Many franchisors and their advertising agencies mainly look at how they can use the national marketing fund best. It is often forgotten to help their franchisees with conducting an effective local marketing strategy.

2. Franchisees often have many ideas. Because of their own opinion and interests which make it difficult for the franchisor to make the entire organization march in the same direction.

3. In some cases, franchisors hardly see the franchisees' local campaigns. As a result, they do not know whether the campaigns actually produce anything. This can result in having various marketing strategies and/or objectives, unwanted (off-brand) advertisements and insufficient.

4. Sometimes the franchisor cannot see what his franchisees perform online. This makes it difficult for the company to maintain a consistent brand image, analyse results and share good examples within the organization.

5. Franchisors often find local marketing campaigns disturbing and of lesser/lower quality.

The solutions Franchisees and Franchisors

Do you recognize one of these problems? And do you need help addressing them? At The Dare Company we are happy to help you achieve a good balance between the efficiency and consistency that national campaigns deliver and the improved results that you can achieve with local marketing campaigns.  We can help your franchise business with achieving the following goals:

• More customers; expanding the clientele through smart online marketing aimed at the   target group

• More brand awareness; become known locally with Social Media and Google marketing

• More sales; gain more leads and revenue through a new website completely in the look and feel of the Franchise organization and online marketing campaigns.

• Monthly report with the results that have been achieved

Whether it is to be found in Google or a Social Media campaign, we provide competitively priced online marketing campaigns in the style of every franchise company.

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What services do we offer?

We are specialists in creating websites and web shops, and inventing creative online marketing campaigns. We provide various franchise marketing services including the development of websites and web shops, setting up online marketing campaigns (SEA, SEO and Social Media).

The following marketing services can be purchased from us:

• Web development

• Google optimization

• Social media

• Text and image creation

• Marketing training

• Video marketing