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Money matters and insurance play an important role in the daily lives of consumers. The Dare Company understands better than anyone that the customer is central to the banking and insurance industry. We have a great deal of knowledge and experience with marketing in financial services like banking and insurance. Every client wants to be heard and understood, and they also expect high quality and a sense of security from a bank or insurer.

In addition to putting the customer first, there are a number of trends visible in financial services. As with other industries, there is an increasingly stronger focus on the online proposition. Consumers expect more and more online accessibility of companies, both via websites and via social media channels. These platforms influence consumers more and more into making a well informed decision when choosing a bank or insurer.

Why do financial service providers choose The Dare Company?

Thanks to our experience with the banking and insurance sector, we understand the marketing transition in which banks and insurance companies are involved in pricing (commission to fee), supply chain and process centric to customer centric. This means that we can provide excellent advice regarding these matters.

The specialists have completed a master's degree (Art Academy / MBA / Communication) that translates into product quality and service. In addition, we even have in-house FSA knowledge, which means that we are also aware of all the jargon used in the banking and insurance industry.

We work with a well matched team so that we are flexible, able to switch quickly and can make sure that there will be no extra mark-up on the rates because of outsourcing. As a result, we are also in a good position to respond quickly to capacity needs in the marketing departments of our clients.

Because of our experience with banking and insurance in general, we understand the different ways of approaching clients, whether they are B2C or B2B prospects. As a result, we can properly advise our customers about the difference in branding, marketing communication and pricing for the various target groups.

We offer a full-service package that fully relieves our financial clients and enables us to realise everything in the field of marketing in close consultation. Thanks to our experience in the banking and insurance sector, we need only half a word to understand what needs to be done, thus making us able to deliver strong content for internal and external communication like no other.

Our experience in Banking & Insurance

With large organisations such as ING and ABN AMRO or Rabobank and Cunningham Lindsey as our customers, we are staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry. But also small players such as mortgage adviser Spaaq, who feel a lot of impact from our online marketing activities, give us a lot of insight into the financial industry. The Dare Company listens carefully to your wishes and needs, so that we can make sure your message is coming across with you target audience. We take the time to fully understand our client in order to achieve a great result together.

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Our added value

We offer a full-service package so that you are completely relieved of all marketing activities that you don't have the time for. We are able to realise your wishes for you in the field of marketing in good consultation. Together with your organisation, we engage in the thinking proces of deciding how your company can make optimal use of marketing. This is how we draw up a strategy and are happy to work it out for you into clear and result-oriented actions. Our services include search engine marketing (SEO and SEA), branding, web development and content marketing.