The corporate identity of vlietkinderen

Vlietkinderen was created in 2005 because of a fusion of SKL and Stikov. Because of the new corporate identity, Vlietkinderen became a concept in the area Voorburg, Leidschendam and The Hague.
The recognizable blue color and puppets gave Vlietkinderen a high position in its field. To be able to apply the corporate identity for all the employees on 44 different location, we developed a corporate identity book in pocket format.

Campaigns for all activities

Vlietkinderen is organizing activities for all children. To make these activities visible on various locations, we are working close with the Marketing and Communication department of Vlietkinderen to come up with creative developments.
The Dare Company is taking care of various printed matters. There will be posters on location, also flyers will be handed out, advertisment in journals and digital translations. Specially for events focussed on parents and/or relations, the registrations are arranged through internet.

44 locations

All the 44 locations of Vlietkinderen got to have an uniform appearance. Obviously, the locations aren't the same, so the signing has to be customized for every building. Besides the visualisations for the buildings, The Dare Company designed the signing of the vehicles of Vlietkinderen.

follow Vlietkinderen

The visablility of Vlietkinderen on social media is taken care of through a perfect co-oporation between several employees of Vlietkinderen and The Dare Company.
Special actions are thought through and the target audience is reached by targeting on zip code areas on Facebook.

Website, seo en Sea

The Dare Company is also responsible for the online presentation of Vlietkinderen. The website, intranet and mailservice is taken care of by The Dare Company. We also take care of the online findability of the website, by optimizing the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The Dare Company writes SEO Optimized content and is responsible for the Google Adwords campaign of Vlietkinderen.