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E-mail marketing

A discount code from a webshop in your mail, who hasn't gone crazy over it. Despite the fact that these emails are experienced as irritating, they can be a good addition to your business. By using email marketing, you can easily reach existing customers. But what exactly is email marketing and how can you use it in your online marketing strategy? Read on to find out.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a way of communicating your marketing message to your target group using email. Because many people check their mail daily for new mail on a daily basis, there is a big chance that your mail will be seen as well. With email marketing, you are not dependent on algorithms that determine whether or not your mail is displayed to the recipient.

Email marketing tips for your company

This sounds interesting of course. Reaching your target group by email and getting them to take action. But how do you use email marketing in a good and ethical way within your company? Below are some tips and advice you can use.

Provide a registration form on your website

To send an e-mail, you must of course first have an e-mail address to which to send the e-mail. A sign-up form makes it easy for visitors to your website to sign up. Don't worry, most email marketing platforms have useful tools that allow you to create a professional sign-up form in no time and place it on your website.

Do not send too many e-mails

If you send too many e-mails in a row, you run the risk that people unsubscribe from receiving them. Also, your emails may end up on a list and therefore not reach people's inboxes anymore. Therefore, we advise you not to send more than 1 email per week.

Provide a clear message and desired action

To ensure that as many people as possible open your email and click through to the website, it is important that you have a good and clear message in the email and a clear call to action in the email.

What are the costs of email marketing?

To set up an email campaign, costs must of course be incurred. The costs are mainly in the fact that you have to pay an email marketing service. This email marketing service ensures that the emails are sent. There are also costs involved in the fact that you have to get people on the e-mail list. If you use advertisements to achieve this, these advertisements will entail costs.

Is it worth making these investments?

Yes, email marketing has a very high ROI. This is because you can target the same person multiple times with your message at no extra cost. It is estimated that for every dollar you put into email marketing, you get at least $43 in sales. This is indeed a huge return on investment.

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What is the legislation surrounding email marketing?

In terms of legislation, you have to comply with a few things when you start using email marketing. Below, we go through some of these rules with you.

Make sure you have a double opt-in

When someone signs up via the registration form on your website, these people receive a confirmation e-mail on the address they just used to register. Via this confirmation e-mail, they have to click on a button in order to finally sign up for your e-mail marketing campaign.

Provide the possibility for people to unsubscribe

At the bottom of every email, there should be an option to unsubscribe from receiving emails. Fortunately, this is built in by default with most email marketing services.

Which metrics are important within email marketing?

Within email marketing, there are some metrics that are important to keep an eye on. We will go through them with you below.

First of all, it is important to know that with this form of marketing you are using a so-called autoresponder. With an autoresponder you simply schedule several mails that the person will receive. The autoresponder sends these mails at the right time to the recipient. This way you don’t have to worry about the sending of mails.

Open rate

When you send an e-mail, you want it to be opened by the recipient. To determine whether the subject line arouses interest in the recipient, we look at the open rate. The open rate is the ratio of people who have received and opened the mail. When the open rate is high, the subject line appeals enough to the recipient to open the email. If the open rate is low, the subject line may need to be rewritten to a better version.

Click through rate

When people have received and opened the e-mail, you want them to click through to your website or other page. The percentage of people who click through to the website from the e-mail is called the click through rate. If few people click through to the website, it is possible that the call to action is missing or does not appeal to click through. When the click through rate is high, there is a good chance that the call to action is sufficiently appealing to click through to the website.

Is email marketing for me?

After reading about email marketing, you might be wondering if email marketing is for you. At The Dare Company, we are convinced that email marketing is always a good addition to your online marketing strategy. With email marketing you reach existing clients and as we all know, it's important to keep in touch with this group.