ZoekVraag, the home-matcher!

The Dare Company created the new website for ZoekVraag.nl. ZoekVraag.nl is an online match tool that allows you to easily select and view your dream home for sale. Are you also spending so much time searching for your dream home? With ZoekVraag you let the online tool find your ideal home. It's very simple! The ZoekVraag tool allows you to find your desired home faster, better and more enjoyable. If you match with a property, you will receive a message in your mailbox! The match will be based on your wishes and requirements.

The logo

The Dare Company designed a logo for the new website. This shows immediately what the online house search tool is for, namely: houses. Recognizable with fresh and positive colors! A clear logo, in which the name is easy to read.

The website

For the website, The Dare Company created the design for both the website and the app. So ZoekVraag.nl is a web app; a website that can behave like an app. You can also download the app from the App Store. The online marketing team has also been busy SEO optimizing the website. For example, a knowledge base has been added with a variety of blogs about buying houses in Rotterdam, the overstrained housing market and how to rent a room as a student.

The design

The website design makes extensive use of the primary colors from the logo. The website is uncluttered, clean with not too much fuss. The user's attention should go to the login function, mainly for house seekers (but also for real estate agents). The website potentially generates matches. When the user receives his matches, the important information should be visible right away, including the match percentage. In doing so, the page should be set up to properly sort by match; approved or rejected.

Do you also want a web app?

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