Trade fair booth design as a business card

Trade shows are excellent places to promote your company, to network and, of course, just to have a good meal and drink with like-minded people. Because all exhibitors at the fair came to the event with the same motives, it is extremely important that your exhibition stand is not only sleek and recognizably represented, but also stands out enough among all the other stands. The Dare Company is a marketing and communication agency with in-house designers, which also has experience in organizing trade show events. Therefore, let our designers design your exhibition stand!


Here are some of the trade show booths we have designed for our satisfied clients:

ER Capital

For our highly valued client ER Capital, for whom we also designed the website and performed various SEO and SEA activities, we were asked to design an exhibition stand for the Second Home Fair in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. Of course completely in the corporate identity of ER Capital, with a large banner above the stand, so it could be seen far across the fair. The counter ensures that people can be easily addressed, while at the same time the giveaways are well presented. For ER Capital, we designed water bottles, pens and chocolates with the company's logo and brand name. All items that visitors can use at the fair itself, as well as take out of their pockets elsewhere.

drukwerk bij the dare company

Stedelijk Gymnasium Schiedam

For the Stedelijk Gymnasium Schiedam (Schiedam Municipal School), The Dare Company previously revamped the logo. Our designers then translated this updated logo into the exhibition stand that the school can use on open days, taster days and promo days. The Greek columns from the logo are reflected in the round shapes that form the corners of the stand. In addition, the counter behind which the exhibitor can stand is also designed with the columns, while the logo appears on its front. The design makes it look like an ancient Greek pedestal - very relevant for a gymnasium, we thought!

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Benefits of a Brochure: 

  • A brochure is tangible and concrete;
  • A brochure allows you to put a lot of information about your organization, services or products that you carry;
  • A brochure attracts the maximum attention of your customer
  • There are many pages possible so your message or the information about your company comes across well to the target audience.

Do you want to stand out at a trade show with your organization?

Are you looking for a design agency that takes care of the entire process from designing to creating your booth? We provide a sleek design that completely matches the corporate identity and goals of your company. In addition, we like to think along with ideas about giveaways with printing! Curious about the costs for designing and printing an exhibition stand?

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