KC de Binck

KC de Binck is a new child center in the renewed district `de Binckhorst in The Hague that will open in mid-2022. Creative, entrepreneurial and innovative are words that fit the new center, but also the neighborhood where it will be located; De Binckhorst. This is a city district with character, where living, working and relaxing come together. In this district you will find old industrial buildings, but also modern new buildings.

Logo & Corporate identity

The logo was inspired by vintage factory logos. The combination of the bold font and fine colors gave the logo a rugged but also friendly look. We used the industrial and tough feeling of the neighborhood and the characteristics of the child center (creative, entrepreneurial and innovative) as starting points for the new corporate identity.

Landing page

The child center will not open until mid-2022, but to bring it to people's attention already, we created a landing page. On this page, people can learn about the story and concept of the child center. They can also fill out a contact form here if they want to know more about the child center and its developments. The landing page has a playful look due to the moving organic shapes and colors.

Building Signing

Besides the corporate identity and website we also pimped the building of KC de Binck! It was quite a gray building, so we applied many colours from the corporate identity and designed a striking banner.