Geen Boot Wel Varen

Geen Boot Wel Varen rents boats in the beautiful surroundings of Rotterdam. They make sailing possible for everyone in Rotterdam. You can sail by yourself with the electric sloop or whisper boat, but you can also rent a boat with a skipper. The Dare Company has been given the privilege to create a new website for Geen Boot Wel Varen with SEO-proof content. We are very proud of the result achieved!


Our designers have used their virtual brushes to give the old website a new look. The User Experience (UX) was the main factor taken into account. Colors have been added to the design, which makes the website look more modern. In addition, more mood photos have been added to evoke an emotion in the users and a 'quick book' tool has been added to the home page, so you can instantly see the availability of the boats. The new website has been designed in such a way, including optimisations to the menu layout and the addition of call-to-action buttons, that usability always comes first.