Corporate Identity and Logo: Replace or Renew?

The corporate identity and logo perhaps form the most important expression of your company or organisation's image. With them, you should try to build brand awareness and trust with consumers. One of the things that are important here is that the corporate identity and logo, and thus the appearance of an organisation, move with the times and therefore do not always stay exactly the same. Renewal stands out!

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Replacing vs Renewing

Completely overhauling a logo or corporate identity can be desirable in some cases - especially in cases where the organisation itself is also undergoing a turnaround. For example: are you going to offer completely different products or services, or are you targeting a completely different group of people? Then a new look can make this clear to consumers. In most cases, however, a new logo does more harm than good; the consumer has lost the familiar image and thus a piece of habituation. Everything you have built up in terms of branding is virtually thrown overboard when the corporate identity is changed beyond recognition.

This is why The Dare Company recommends not replacing the corporate identity and logo, but revamping it. This will give your organisation a fresher, more modern look, while keeping everything that has been built up in terms of branding intact. This is done by almost all successful companies! Examples include KLM's logo history, Pepsi's logo history and Heineken's logo history. Small adjustments that convey a new direction, a new identity and a new feeling - along with the benefits that timely renewal carries anyway!

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The renewed corporate identity of The Dare Company

The Dare Company recently moved to a new location in Rotterdam. This seemed like an excellent time to build a new website and at the same time give our corporate identity a breath of fresh air. Our designers worked hard on it, but the result is one to be proud of! Here is an overview of the updated branding elements:

Fresher colours
The distinctive colours of The Dare Company are something we are still very happy with anyway. We see most marketing and communication agencies using a lot of red - the ultimate signal colour - in their corporate identity. We understand this very well, of course, but adopting this didn't seem very daring to us. So we kept our colour, although we set it a lot lighter and brighter. As a result, the green-blue colour people are used to from us has crept more towards the blue in our new house style. Fresh, cheerful, modern, new and sleek - just like our new premises.

Logo adjustment
Besides the fresher colour, our logo has also received a makeover. The word 'the' has been put on its side, creating a playful impression. They also chose to make the word 'Dare' a bit bigger than the rest, to give the most important word a bit more space and attention. Our designers made sure that each 'corner' of the logo has a rounded shape, which makes it look full and organic. They then incorporated these round shapes into the entire corporate identity which, for example, can be seen throughout the revamped website.

A pay-off is a short phrase, which is always used together with the company name to reinforce the brand identity. The Dare Company has long used the baobab tree as its inspiration, so the pay-off 'Marketing Is In Our Roots' corresponded logically with this. We felt it was also time for a new pay-off. With 'Marketing That Sticks', we think we can better convey our fresh, new look. We used our sticky gum photo to create a fitting image for this pay-off.

After devising and designing the new corporate identity and the new logo, we of course had to do something with it. The Dare Company was ready for a new website anyway, but if not, we would have replaced and adapted the colours and shapes of the old website. Of course, the new corporate identity also had to be incorporated in, among other things, building lettering (lettering that sticks), business cards, corporate clothing, email signature and stationery. Quite a lot of work for relatively minor adjustments, but we think it's absolutely worth it!

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Of course, we are happy to help you and your organisation with a fresh branding. Besides developing completely new logos and corporate identities for companies, we also have extensive experience in refreshing an existing style. Here you can find examples of satisfied customers we have helped over the years. Also in the mood for a new look? 

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