Want to use a sticker pack? Stickers stick!

With stickers, you can very easily spice up and shape your Instagram Story. You click on the sticker icon at the top, type in a keyword and drag a sticker onto your story - done! It immediately looks a lot cozier. Relatively little effort, maximum results. If you have stickers created that are relevant to your organization, which are also made in your corporate identity colors, you can get even more out of it.

Social media template

Social media posts should not only give your (potential) customers information, but also put your organization on display. While scrolling, they should see your posts pass by, after which they should linger in the (back of the) mind. That's why our social media specialists think it's important to use a template when posting on social media for your marketing purposes. With this template there is for example a frame around your message in the corporate identity of your organization and a nice watermark with the company name or logo can be placed over images. When all your posts are edited with this before posting it gives a nice sense of unity on your page. Not only does this look neat and clean, but it also makes your company a lot more recognizable on the timeline!

Stickerpack laten maken?

Stickers stick!

So in addition to this template, images and videos can be further embellished with stickers. This gives your posts more character and reinforces the message of a story. A huge advantage of adding sticker packs to Instagram is that anyone can use them. On WhatsApp, this advantage already plays out: anyone can save a received sticker and use it themselves. So for this to happen, the sticker has to have been received once, but it can therefore be distributed quite quickly if it catches on. On Instagram, this can be even smoother; anyone can use keywords in the sticker database to find your organization's custom stickers! To do this, they can search by the company name, but also by the subject of a specific sticker. 

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Tattoo Bob

Our designers have already created some fun sticker packages for clients, such as the Tattoo Bob stickers you see pictured here. These can now be used by anyone on Instagram! It's just waiting for someone to get one of these stickers as a tattoo....

Also want to have a sticker pack made?

Having a sticker pack made has several advantages, if they are well designed. In addition to spicing up your posts, easily extending your corporate identity to your socials, it can ensure that your marketing goes viral without any further effort on your part! Have you become interested as well? Then get in touch! Our designers are ready to decorate your socials with homemade stickers.

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