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B2B marketing is a discipline that is approached differently than B2C marketing. With B2B marketing the volumes of the total market are often lower. As a result, more customisation is used for this form of marketing than for the private market. From an IT company to a recruitment agency, all these diverse B2B companies fall under the same sector: business services. Business services is therefore a sector where B2B marketing is used the most. B2B marketing agency The Dare Company is a marketing expert for a wide range of companies. We understand that the customer relationship is of great importance in business services. Customers want to be heard and want to receive personal advice. The experience and authenticity of the organisation is also of crucial importance. We have experience and knowledge of branding business services companies. Therefore we are an excellent choice for taking on your marketing wishes.

Why do business service providers choose The Dare Company?

The Dare Company believes in branding that positively distinguishes our customers from the competitors. Branding increases brand awareness that will influence the way people think about your company. This has a positive effect on the brand's performance in the B2B market. We have established the corporate identity for various clients in this branche and we ensure that the marketing and communication resources are in line with the corporate identity.

We offer a range of products and services that relieve our customers from certain marketing activities to help them focus on what they do best. For example, the construction and maintenance of a website that is available in multiple language versions. This gives our customers convenience and the ability to fully focus on the core business of their company.

In addition, we have already implemented search engine marketing for various clients, both in Western languages, as well as in Arabic or Chinese. In this way we ensure that potential international customers are convinced of the services they offer. We work with special project teams so that we can be flexible, switch quickly and make sure there is no extra mark-up on the rates.

Our experience with B2B Marketing

We work with very diverse clients, like Wolters Kluwer, Euromovers and Marevisie. Because of our experience with a broad variety of companies, we know exactly how to make impact on your target group. 

We assist in creating a B2B marketing and communication strategy that helps you get on top of your competitors. We prepare marketing plans and organise your marketing campaigns. Our areas of expertise include branding, web development, social media marketing, search engine marketing (SEO / SEA) and email marketing.

A small preview of our client base:


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