Original Christmas hampers

The busy but cosy month of December is upon us again. Of course, we will again be enjoying family and friends, good (and bad) Christmas movies and (too) much delicious food. Besides the stress you can get from finding presents for your family and organising Christmas dinners and New Year's Eve preparations, in most companies and organisations it is also customary to give your staff a Christmas present - this is something you, as an employer, just have to add to your list. In this blog, we want to give you some tips and ideas that might reduce some stress! Would you rather outsource all or part of it? Then contact us and our designers will make sure the ideal Christmas hamper with personally designed Christmas cards is tailor-made for your organisation!

Food and drink

Food and drinks are the most common contents of a Christmas hamper. This may not make for a very original Christmas package, but you can change this! For instance, the food and drinks themselves can be very special; they can include insect burgers, cheeses made of beers or special wines. What we at The Dare Company really like is when the packages are customised with the company's logo and corporate identity or a personal message. In the past, we have been able to do this for several clients, and for ourselves of course. This can also be packaging that can then be used permanently, such as bottle cases or biscuit tins. Add a Christmas card with the company logo (or a photo of the boss wearing a wrong Christmas jumper and/or hat) and your package is complete!

Office accessories

Office accessories are naturally appropriate in many organisations - they can then be used together in the office. When putting together a Christmas package, you might want to leave out 'boring' associations with work, but you can also get very creative with them! There are funny office items such as mini vacuum cleaners for on the desk, cute plants with edible fruits (strawberry! :D) or a personal calendar with, for example, funny staff photos. Of course, we love to make such a calendar - preferably with funny photoshop edits of employees. Also a favourite of ours for the Christmas box: mini-games for the office! These can hardly be called office accessories, but they can provide a lot of fun in the office. A mini-pool table, -golf set, -boxing ball, -table football, -table tennis, -curling, -bowling set; there is so much to invent! This can provide the right relaxed atmosphere and much-needed hilarity in the workplace.

Mystery box

A great and sustainable idea for having an original Christmas package put together is the Mysterybox from our partner Blending Forces. This surprise package is completely personalised and put together especially for your organisation and its objectives. Through engagement programmes, Blending Forces ensures that organisations and teams work together in a motivated, healthy, sustainable and result-oriented way, and they apply all these expertises in putting together the mystery box. So employees are pampered with a fun and healthy Christmas box! In doing so, the materials of the box are chosen for maximum sustainability. What we like best is that the contents of the boxes are made by people with a mental disability and/or distance to the labour market and that, in addition, for each box sent, a young tree is sent to the AfricaWoodGrow foundation in Kenya! So many reasons to take a moment to visit the website!

We hope these ideas and options have helped you on your way. We are happy to sit down with you to discuss your and your company's wishes (and requirements) for an original Christmas hamper, after which we can design it and put it together for you. Our team of designers is ready to develop custom-made products and personalised Christmas cards that can enhance and warm your employees' feelings with your organisation! 

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