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Whether you are a Marketing or Communication Officer, a CEO or DGA, you agree on taking responsible business risks. Business risks that contribute to the growth of your organization or company. We,'The Dare Company', a Netherlands-based advertising agency, will help our clients with the Marketing & Communication aspects of these investments. First, we make the connection between strategy and marketing. Next, we invest the marketing and communications budget in a creative but effective manner. We use both the latest innovations in online marketing, as the latest trends in online communication. All in service of responsible and profitable business investment. Below you can find some of the cases we have executed. 

Our expertise About Dare

Inspiration in the centre of Rotterdam

It was love at first sight. What are the chances of finding such a beautiful location, downtown Rotterdam, with such a rich history, that is also an inspiring place for our MarCom professionals? The lovely garden, free parking places for our guests and the great atmosphere make us feel privileged to sit in this beautiful villa at the Oostzeedijk. We would love to show our new office with 5 meter high ceilings and 2 conservatories. Coffee?

Our customers:

... and we are very proud of it!

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We will check your website on ten important elements. And let us advice you how you can optimise your website on appearance, usability and SEO.