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App development

Your concept in a functional app

The Dare Company always build their websites responsive or adaptive. This means that the layout of the website will adjust itself to the screensize of the device where it's opened. But what if you want your website to be viewed offline too? This is the moment where you have to realize that a mobile website isn't enough anymore. It is recommended to start developping an application. We have designers and developers with experience in building native applications and web applications. 

Building the app

First we will discuss your ideas and we think together about your desired functionalities, structure and systematics of the application. We will show you the interaction design, visual design and structure with mockups, flowcharts, wireframes and prototypes. It is an iterative process, so when there is feedback, we can imlement it to work to an optimal functioning product. After you give us green light, we will start developping the application. We can build this for iOS and for Android.

Interested in an app?

You can approach The Dare Company for the newest ideas and designs. Our designers and developers are experienced in realising many functionalities. With this experience, we can brainstorm with you about your app. Do you want to now more? Contact us for more information!

app development