Dokter Bosman

Dokter Bosman offers help for children, youngster and adults dealing with psychological problems and disorders. The Dare Company provides multiple designs for infographics, marketing campaigns, leaflets, and corporate identity expressions such as the restyling of the “Autisme Kenniscentrum”.

Dokter Bosman contacted us to develop several online marketing expressions. For example, the paid media advertisements on Google and the Facebook posts. The Dare Company’s online marketing team is specialised in all aspects of Search Engine Marketing.

Online Marketing

For Dokter Bosman, we developed both Google Search and Google Display campaigns. The Google Search, or search advertisements, focus on the psychological care. The campaign is set up to expose the aspects of ADHD, autism, and depression separately. Dokter Bosman developed online self-tests in order to offer a first insight for the target audience.

Within the Display network, we focus on branding. We constantly try to answer the question how we can draw attention to Dokter Bosman and create brand awareness. On a subtle, playful way we create a link between the target audience and the brand.

Furthermore, our online marketing unit Dare to be Found creates images for the social media posts.

Graphic Design

Our role is mainly based on graphic design. We have redesigned the entire corporate identity and implemented it throughout all expressions. Some examples are the website, writing paper and even business cards.

Printed material

Dokter Bosman expresses a lot through printed media. Relying on the existing corporate designs and identity, we have created several new logos and designs. There is a constant flow of new projects such as the “Autism Kennis Centrum” for which we deliver new designs. These designs are used for postcards, infographics, referral cards, and leaflets.

10 years dokter bosman

The Dare Company was proud to partner up for the 10-year anniversary of Dokter Bosman. For this special occasion, we designed and implemented a brand new logo.

Postcards and infographics

Dokter Bosman uses various printed messages in order to make the information more accessible. Through the specific subjects of these postcards, they create trust. The printed expressions are used for the online advertisements as well in order to create brand awareness.