The Wantijpaviljoen and The Dare Company have not been resting lately; they have been working hard on a new website! Restaurant & Party centre 'Wantijpaviljoen' is situated in the most beautiful park of Dordrecht: the Wantijpark. It is a beautiful location with a lovely terrace! Now that the catering industry is allowed to open again, the launch of the new website is a perfect moment. The Dare Company has worked on the website with great pleasure. Check out the result here!

The website

Our designers and developers have applied all of their knowledge and expertise to the Wantijpaviljoen website. When developing the website, The Dare Company naturally took account of all the Wantijpaviljoen's wishes. One of the wishes was a special menu module. The Dare Company developed this module specifically for Wantijpaviljoen. This gives Wantijpaviljoen the opportunity to easily change prices or add new products on the website. Products and prices are easily placed in this extensive menu module, allowing the users of the website to view the products. In addition, the costs for each type of event are clearly displayed and it is also possible to download the information as a PDF file. Super convenient and user friendly!