Recognizability with a professional look

In order to make your brand recognisable, it is important to repeat certain elements. These can, for example, be colours, the logo or certain words. By using this, you build recognition, or put differently: the visual identity of your brand. This is implemented by designing a corporate identity.

Corporate identity

The corporate identity needs to match your business and logo. It is important that all aspects of your company project the same and are appealing to your target group. During the process of designing your corporate identity, we take your (current) logo into account. We would like to hear from you about your ideas and vision and, after that, give you advice on which colours and shapes you could use. It is ultimately your vision and mission that needs to be carried out by the logo and reach your target audience. We want to help you achieve this!

What is a corporate identity?

A corporate identity is your company's visual identity, or, all the visual elements of the corporate identity. Corporate identity is often closely tied to a company's image and identity. An identity is the image you have of your own company, which makes you unique and remarkable. Image is the image the public has of your company. Your organization's identity and image may differ from each other, creating a noise. That is why we make sure that your identity is conveyed in the right way so that identity and image are equal to each other.

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Corporate identity applications

We find it extremely important that a style is recognisable, and that it can be found in all expressions. Our graphic designers have the expertise to ensure that your corporate identity is unique and recognizable.
But what does a house style include?

  • Name
  • Logo 
  • Typography
  • Use of colours
  • Use of shapes
  • Photography style

A unique corporate identity for every brand

The corporate identity of a company is a very broad term. It is the visual identity of a company or brand. This identity can be used in all marketing messages of that brand to create an uniform image. This way, people will immediately recognise what brand the message is from. We can, for example, use your visual corporate identity on:

  • Business cards
  • Writing paper and envelopes
  • Offers and invoices
  • Websites
  • Presentations
  • Clothing
  • Cars

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Have your logo made by us

We are happy to design the logo of your company. This can also be, for example, only a renewed version of the current logo. We ensure that the logo matches the image of your company and that it is appealing to your target group.

Our graphic designers pay attention to the importance of the marketing-technical aspects of a logo, because it must naturally represent your company professionally. Is it playful or super tight? Colorful or black and white? With or without text? In this entire process, we take the wishes of you as a customer as a starting point.

We design a logo that fits your company and the products and / or services that your company offers.

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We design your logo with love!

Our graphic designers design your logo with love and attention! Even if it is just a renewed version of the current logo. We pay close attention to whether the logo fits the image of your company and whether it appeals to your target group. Of course, we do not forget the importance of the marketing aspects of the logo; it must represent your company professionally. We take into account the core values of your product or service - we implement these in the design of your unique logo.

What is a logo and why is it important?

A logo is a graphic expression that represents your company. This expression consists of image, text or a combination of both. A logo with only images, is also called an image logo. When a logo consists only of images, such as pictures, abstract shapes or symbols, we make sure that the logo is easily recognizable. A logo with only text, is also called a wordmark. While designing a wordmark, we consider the typography, spelling, style and font of the logo.

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What should a good logo meet?

A good logo is timeless, original and recognizable. Of course, it may happen that after several years the design is in need of renewal. Take McDonald's as an example. The logo started with a red background and the yellow M sign. Today, the logo has a green background, but still has a yellow M sign. So it is important to design a logo that is timeless and remains recognizable despite any changes. We are happy to take the time to listen to your needs and advise which options are best for your business!

The importance of a unique logo

A logo can be the deciding factor for your potential user or customer, and thus can determine whether or not they will engage with your company. A strong logo inspires confidence and exudes professionalism. If a logo does not reflect your company's values, chances are you will lose customers. So it is very important that your logo communicates the right brand identity to the target audience. By doing so, you lower the threshold for gaining their trust!

tjan tandheelkunde logo

Tjan Dentistry's new logo puts a smile on every face!

We have designed a new logo for dental practice Tjan Dentistry. We chose to reflect the mouth, so characteristic of the dental practice, in the new logo. We also added a fun twist to the logo by applying style elements that should remind you of Mondrian's artwork. Will this logo also put a smile on your face? It certainly does for us! Check out Tjan Dentistry's portfolio case below to learn more.

View the portfolio case