Specialist in all outdoor areas
Buitengewoon B.V.

From asphalting driveways to constructing entire roads, from soil remediation to soil stabilization. Buitengewoon B.V. works for private individuals, the port, construction, industry, municipalities and agriculture. What don't they do? This very hard-working and versatile client challenged us to develop a website which reflects all these different aspects of the organization, so that every visitor can quickly see that almost anything is possible at Buitengewoon B.V.!

Website redesign

Although our designers at The Dare Company are happy to take on the entire design of a corporate identity and a website, we regularly receive requests to review and adjust the existing style. This was also the case at Buitengewoon B.V. - the corporate identity was fine, but the website looked outdated. So we were given the task of designing a new website in which the pages, different blocks and things like the contact form were re-styled to give a fresh and modern impression again.


Besides restyling and developing Buitengewoon B.V.'s new website, this client also has subscriptions with us for SEO and SEA work. For example, with the monthly SEO (Search Engine Optimization) hours, we ensure that content is enriched and tightened on the website. This is necessary to let the search engines know that a strong, informative and dynamic website is waiting to be found on all relevant keywords. As a result, our marketers now know everything about asphalt, ConcreteCanvas and which certificates are required to perform soil remediation, for example. In addition, with the SEA (Search Engine Advertising) hours, The Dare Company ensures that Buitengewoon B.V.'s website appears in the top ads above the organic search results when searched for certain keywords. 

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