Shipping & Transport Marketing

For years, the port of Rotterdam has been the largest port in Europe. Approximately 30,000 seagoing vessels and 105,000 inland vessels enter the port of Rotterdam every year. This makes Rotterdam a true trading port as a gateway to Europe. Much has changed in the shipping and tranpsort industry in recent years. Competition is stronger than ever due to increasing globalisation. More and more international companies are entering the Dutch market, so making a distinctive character is very important. To position yourself strongly as a brand, it is important to have a strong corporate identity and a positive brand experience for your clients. In doing so, the international character of an organisation must be taken into account.

Our added value 

In order to positively distinguish our customers from the competitors, we create a branding that matches our clients' organisational values well. We have established the corporate identity for various customers in this sector and always connect it well with marketing and communication tools. The Dare Company also understands the 'why-factor' in the buying behaviour of their customers.

Our different units offer a wide range of services together. This relieves the customer and gives them the opportunity to purchase all services from one marketing and communication agency. This includes the construction and maintenance of a website that works well on both a mobile phone and desktop. In addition, we can ensure that the website is available in multiple language versions and can be found in multiple countries (SEO / SEA).

We have excellent knowledge of the English language. This is very useful in an international setting. We also work with project teams which makes us flexible, gives us the ability to switch quickly and makes sure there is no extra mark-up on the rates because of outsourcing.

We understand that transport and shipping companies like to keep their customers informed on developments. That is why we now have a lot of experience with setting up newsletters. We personalise e-mail templates entirely in line with the corporate identity of your organisation. Our mission is to deliver strong content that reaches your customers in the best possible way!

A small preview of our client base:



rederij van hulst

post & co

Onze experience with shipping and transport marketing

Over the years we have built up a nice customer base with organisations working in these branches, such as MOL Europe, Cargo Shipping International and Post & Co. By working for these great customers, we have built up a lot of experience with shipping and transport marketing.

Together with your organisation, we can create a marketing strategy that works for your company. For example, we are happy to draw up a strategy and work it out for you on the basis of specific actions. We are specialised in branding, web development, content marketing and search engine marketing (SEO / SEA), among other things.