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Website Maintenance

We take care of your website!

After your new website/webshop has gone live, we like to support you and take care of the website/webshop maintenance. We keep your website/webshop up to date and we inform you about the latest trends and developments. With this approach we are able to ensure you that your website won't become outdated technically. We find it very important that the conversion on your website is as high as possible. This means that your website visitors will actually buy your products, subscribe themselves for the newsletter or other commercial interesting goals. This is the reason why we would like to advise how to increase the conversion.


Our approach

Next to our pro-active attitude towards the customer, we are also available for technical support with our helpdesk. It isn't unthinkable that you won't understand something or something goes wrong. Our helpdesk team is there for you to find a solution as quick as possible. We have short communication lines in-house, so problems can be handled in a short period.

We think a good service is the key to success, that's why we take our time for our customers. Besides this, we also offer periodic maintenance. This means that we clean up databases and documents of the website/webshop. This is how the website stay functioning as it should.

website maintenance
maintain website

Up-to-date For a good findability

Above all, we like to help you also when text or an image should be adjusted or added. We do this all to unburden you. We take care of a good findability in Google. To be able to realise this, the technique and content of your website should be arranged rightly.

We can optimize the current texts on your website, but we canalso create new content which meets the expectations and demands of Google.

The complete package

We have multiple expertises at The Dare Company, so we can help you with every aspect creating your website/webshop. You want something adjusted? No problem, we discuss your desires and translate this short-term into your website. You want more textual content on your homepage? We can handle this also right away.

Our content marketeers are writing professional and creative texts following SEO guidelines. You don't need to have the stress of maintaining your website. We take care of the technique, design, development and content.

maintain a website
maintaining a website

Email support

We implement email account that are linked to the website to enable smooth and efficient communication with your audience. The mail account that is linked to the website we developed, is maintained by us and we are more that happy to help with all your questions regarding the mail account.

In short, we take care of your entire website/webshop. The technical aspects, design, new content and a great findability (SEO). We want you to be able to focus on your cor business and that all the aspects of the webshop works perfectly. 

We stay supporting our customers and why we want to unburden you.

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