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Content marketing

The best wording of your message

The purpose of content marketing is to give an effective and attractive message to your potential customers and stakeholders.

Engagements through content

Using content marketing, you can reach out a helping hand to your customers in a appealing way. You bring over a message without using a sales talk. The end goal of content marketing is to gain more cutomers and let them engage with your brand, so they will let the conversion grow.

This target makes it incredibly important to offer appealing and relevant content. If you have relative content, it's more likely that stakeholders will choose for you product or service.

content marketing

marketing with content

Content marketing strategy

We dive into your business and we will start creating a strategy. What are your targets and what do you want to achieve? After we find this out, we will take specific steps. We analyse the target audience and we formulte the message. Afterwards we will start with the customer journey. We develop an essential story that will get the attention and fits the desires of your customers.  

Because of this story, they eventually will choose for your product or service. After formulating the story, we determine the right tools. Are we going to write bolg articles or are we doing a campaign? We have to determine this before we start. Now we can start the content creation.



We then develop an essential story that attracts attention and that benefits your customers. You can see that story as a common thread, but it is not a literal story as you read in books. By posting this story or a series of content, customers will get to know and remember your brand. If you continue to post fun and / or relevant content that is in line with this story, the customers will ultimately choose your brand over other brands. This is where you bind the customer to your product or service. As soon as we have determined the approach of the content, we are of course not ready yet. What are we going to do with all that content? And through which platform do we distribute it? The next step is therefore to determine the means. Do we put a story in a blog article, or do we run an entire campaign? These types of things are all determined in advance. All this forms the basis of content creation.

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Content and creation

The strategy is determined and we start to create the content. We have content marketeers who writes effective, creative and well found content. If you want to be visible online quickly? You can start a Search Engine Advertisement (SEA). Our sister company Dare to be Found has the right knowledge and tools to start a SEA-Campaign. Also offline media is part of content marketing. Besides our content marketeers, we have designers who are specialized in offline marketing. We can offer your company a online and offline marketing campaign. Taking over you entire content marketing, we can unburden you the best. In this way, you can focuss yourself on the core business. The Dare Company will provide the right content, tools and conversion. We had various successful campaigns for B2B and B2C markets with our strategy.

Are you interested to let your business grow with the help of our content marketing? Contact us for more information and we love to make an appointment to show you and your business how we can improve your content strategy. 

Writing talent

In addition to online and offline expressions, the concept of "content" is of course still very broad. There are many different types of texts that are primarily tailored to two things. Firstly, that is the target group, as we have already explained above. If you write something that doesn't appeal to the right people, it's almost useless. Secondly, it looks at the platform on which it must be placed. For example, Twitter has a stricter word limit, an article for a website will be longer and offline expressions do not have to be SEO-proof.

Our writers always keep the strategy, target group and platform in mind. Content marketing performed by The Dare Company can be created by us or written by the customer and edited by us. Often, a partnership is chosen in which our client delivers topics and we work them out optimally. To support the textual content, our content marketers work closely with our (web) designers. We see the textual content as very important. That is why we adjust our fonts, blocks and colors accordingly. This makes the content more attractive and therefore more relevant for your business.

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