Konekta Group

Konekta Group is a hardworking agency that connects people and organizations through staffing, secondment, recruitment and selection. They do this mainly in shipbuilding, onshore & offshore, petrochemical, tank construction, logistics or in construction in general. We helped Konekta with their mission to help more employees find their dream job and help organizations attract new top employees. This included designing and building their website with the right specific modules in it and SEO work. Below you can read more about the modules our developers designed specifically for this client!

Website Design

Since Konekta Group mainly provides personnel in tough industries such as shipbuilding and onshore & offshore, it was important that the website also has a robust character. Therefore, our designers chose mainly dark colors, with a dark yellow over it - reminiscent of the beautiful rust colors you encounter in the harbor. The high quality photos of the port and construction complete the atmosphere, making the entire website exude what Konekta stands for. Using the menu, visitors can view not only all the vacancies and the clients, but also read what is happening in each industry and what jobs are involved.


Some clients need specific modules for their website. For Konekta Group, our developers got to work on a new form and a specific search filter. Thus, we provided the website with a vacancy module with a search filter that allows the visitor to search for a dream job by industry or by province. We also developed a registration form for employers that allows them to easily register with Konekta. This will save a lot of work and hopefully results in many new vacancies on the website!