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Developing a website is a complex process. The first step in developing a (new) website is making an inventory of the specific wishes of the client and defining the priorities. Do you want to achieve online visibility? Is your focus more on visual aesthetics? Do you aim for a complete new concept in comparison of your current website? Once the goals are clearly defined, our designers will start expressing your ideas visually. We always keep the corporate identity in mind to make sure the result fits the company or brand. Furthermore, we pay attention to a good user experience and we guarantee a natural flow throughout the website. Another aspect we keep in mind is the existing content and/or images.


Our offer

After the initial website design, the developers need to program the design in order to create a working website. The Dare Company offers website development services next to the initial web design. Our website development services include a wide variety of services that are needed in this process. Some clients have special wishes, such as a webshop or a reservation form that needs to be part of the website. Furthermore, we are able to realize custom-made systems such as client databases or an intranet. We create a user-friendly website in order for you to work as efficient as possible. The fact that all specialisms concerning the design and development of your website work together within The Dare Company guarantees a uniform translation of design into development. Directly from the initial design drawings to the actual coding, our designers and developers work closely together. This ensures the most realistic design and modifications are easily implemented.


CMS website

When choosing a content management system, or CMS, the user friendliness is of great importance. Another important aspect is making sure the HTML-pages are correctly indexed by search engines. Making sure that the pages’ meta data can be added individually is one of the key focus points in order to be as relevant as possible for the different search engines. Current SEO rules and guidelines are of great importance. We have developed our own CMS (Dare to Manage) to make sure to offer all important services and functionality with strong focus on user friendliness and SEO guidelines.

After designing and developing your website, we are more than happy to take care of the website maintenance.

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