Eat, Drink & More Magazine

Eat, Drink & More magazine is a lifestyle magazine that has been seasonally published four times a year in the Costa Blanca in Spain since 2017. The magazine consists mainly of advertisements from local companies (Costa Blanca) and sometimes companies from the Netherlands. There are also a number of editorial pieces to read in each edition that deal with lifestyle-related topics such as travel, hospitality, fashion, and beauty. Other topics that appear in the magazine are cars & motorcycles, bars & restaurants, business & legal services, entertainment, health & beauty, travel, real estate, and stores & retail.

Magazine Design

The Dare Company provides the entire layout of all editions of the Eat, Drink & More Magazine. The fixed design of the magazine was created by The Dare Company in 2018. In addition, we take care of the design of most of the advertisements that can be seen in the magazine. We also create two fashion pages each edition, consisting of fashion trends that we collect ourselves. Finally, every edition we create an 'Eat, Drink & More-items' page. This is a collage, consisting of products from advertisers.  

Website maintenance

We also maintain the website of Eat, Drink & More magazine. Each season we update the website based on the new edition and place it on the website so that the magazine can also be read online!