Professional appearance
through powerful imagery

Moving images often stands out more than images or text. This makes animation a very popular tool for promotion. It also makes it possible to explain the most complicated concepts quickly and easily to a wide audience. We call this explanimation. Not only is explanimation often the best way to get something across, it also seems that many people prefer animation with narration over reading a chunk of text because it’s easier and more fun. This makes animation an extremely effective marketing tool.

Animation by The Dare Company

Next to animation’s advantage of being one of the most effective ways of explaining concepts, it also gives organisations a professional and neat appearance. By using the colours and the logo of your organisation in the animation you can bring your corporate identity to life. This will cause your target group to have more feeling with your organisation, without giving people the intention that they have to work for it. At The Dare Company we see a lot of advantages in using animation with narration. That is why we offer animation, as well as video marketing, as a marketing tool for websites and social media. Our animators are always ready to turn your stories and concepts into catchy animations!

Making an animation with narration

Once you are interested in making an explanimation for your organisation, we would love to schedule a meeting for you with one of our animators. The animator will find out exactly what has to be explained and for which target group the explanation is ment. After this meeting, we will make a script for the animation, which we will send back to you. Once you are satisfied with the result, we will make the script into a storyboard. A storyboard looks like a comic, and it’s the blueprint of the final animation. As soon as you are completely satisfied with the storyboard as well, our animators will get to work and our voice actor will record the voice-over. Now, the explanimation is ready to be shown to the world!

SEO en animatie

Our SEO experts will make sure the animation is easily found on Google and YouTube. They have extensive experience in optimising videos for YouTube marketing and other search engines, and they will see to it that your animation will get all the views it deserves. Furthermore, our social media department will take care of the promotion on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and they will optimise the findability there as well. In short, we will make sure that the animation we worked on together will be seen by as many people as possible!

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