Website check by The Dare Company

Is your website easily findable in Google? User-friendly for your visitors? Is the speed of your website or webshop good or is your website very slow? Are there any technical errors on the website? These are all questions you need to ask yourself if you have a website or webshop. We are happy to help you with this! Have your website tested for free by The Dare Company!


The website check covers different elements of the website or web shop. Among other things, we do an SEO check to see if your website is findable in Google. Are there enough landing pages? Are the titles, meta-descriptions and H1 on the pages set correctly? Does the website have a good backlink profile? What keywords is the website being found on and are these the right keywords? Is structured data and rich snippets being used?
Wondering if your website is scoring in Google in terms of SEO?

Technical check

We will also check the website for technical errors. Are HTML and CSS being used properly? Are redirects set properly - such as 301 and 302 redirects? Is the website mobile-friendly or are many dynamic URLs present?
Wondering how your website scores in terms of technology?

Website usability testing

We always check the website for usability. Is the website's menu laid out logically? Are your company's goals supported by this layout? Is it clear where visitors need to click? Are there pages present that lead nowhere or do pages have broken links? This all affects the usability of your website.

Website check for design and appearance

A website or a web shop is an organization's most important business card. Therefore it is important that your website complies with the corporate identity of your organization and contains certain style elements. Our designers will look at the appearance of your website, after which you will receive a complete analysis in which we indicate how the appearance of the website can be improved!

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