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A website is a crucial aspect of someone's first impression of a company. That is why it is important that your website is in line with your company's organizational objectives. To achieve that, your website must look attractive, be searchable and function properly. Do you want to improve your website, but don't know where to start? Make sure to fill in the Website Checker by The Dare Company!

Before we test your website, it is important to know which aspects of the Website Checker you want your website to be tested on. That is why you can find a form below where you can select exactly what you do and do not want to see in the website analysis. This way you get comprehensive, tailor-made advice for your website.

Websites can be tested on:

Uitstraling en design




Websites can be tested for design, user-friendliness, technology and SEO. For example, we look at your web design: does it look attractive and does it fit your brand name? But technical aspects, such as website speed, are also assessed. And not entirely unimportant: how well does your website rank? We will make a complete analysis for you when decide to fill in the Website Checker.

Do you simply want the whole deal? That's entirely fine too! Just tick the box ‘check my website on everything’.

Op welke aspecten wil jij jouw website
laten testen?

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