More than 10 years of experience

The background of Dare

The Dare Company arose from a repositioning of Dare to Design founded in 2006. Because the name Dare to Design couldn’t cover the complete load anymore, it was time to give a new name to the parent company. A name that represents all specializations well. At that moment The Dare Company was born. The organization focuses its components on a wide scope of sectors. It is undeniable that there is a lot of experience with banking and insurance, business services, retail and healthcare. Customers vary considerably in size which often involves freelances are operated by Dare to Start and global players by The Dare Company itself. In addition, the required customized solutions or complexities of the service also play a role in our way of service. The Dare Company works for multinational clients, but also has a strong base in Rotterdam.

The Dare Company is interwaven with the boabab tree. Curious what the connection is? Discover our link with the baobab tree.

The limbs of our marketing and communication agency

At our marketing and communication agency The Dare Company, the services and products are bundeld within several knowledge centers. With this approach, we are better capable of fullfilling the needs and expectations of our customers.

Discover our core competences underneath!

Dare to Design is the marketing agency with specialisations in marketing campaigns, communication, design and social media. Dare to design is the creative power within The Dare Company.

Dare to Develop is the internet agency within The dare company. This is the place where our internet-techies have their roots and they surprises our customers with stunning websites, webshops, apps and back-office solutions.

Dare to be Found is the online marketing limb of The Dare Company. This is the place where our winners are working to achieve a number 1 position in google ranking for our customers.

Dare to Start is a new service for start-ups. Dare to Start provides a total-solution for starters, freelancers and small SMEs. A website, visitcards, flyers. Everything will be arranged with a monthly subscription.

Dare to Mail is the newsletter system of The Dare Company. Dare to Mail is easy to use, fast, and accurate. Besides this, the mailserver stands within our countryborders and meets the OPTA law.

Dare to Shop is the webshopsystem for retailers and wholesale enterprises. A perfect solution to start easily a webshop next to your 'offline' store.

Dare to Manage is the CMS that Dare to Develop is using for their websites. A CMS that is easy to use, SEO friendly and can be adjusted to the wishes and needs of our customers.

The top 5 Unique Buying Reasons of The Dare Company

  1. We understand the why-factor of buying behaviour. We have the vision to realise daring designs with our creativity, which will make our clients stand out from the crowd.
  2. We are flexible, move rapidly and add no extra mark-ups because with us there is no need to outsource anything.
  3. We have specialists of every needed branch in house.
  4. Our expertise in marketing & communication is valid both online and offline. Therefore we are able to work on your total marketing and communication strategy like no other.
  5. We have experience with multiple branches. Because of this we have knowledge about various sectors. This gives us the opportunity to create smart solutions and to re-use them in a different sector.