Maassilo is a 100 year old grain silo that has been transformed into an event venue. Maassilo has a capacity of up to 5000 visitors and a unique location on the south side of Rotterdam, and it consists of a complex of a total of 3 silos built over a period of 50 years. You can have a meeting, attend a conference or party between antique machines and heavy concrete pillars. Whatever you come here for, history keeps following you in this special industrial building!

The website

With our knowledge and creativity, The Dare Company has given Maassilo's old website a new look. The website is designed and built in such a way that user-friendliness is number 1. This includes responsive designs and mapping the customer journey. During the process, the expectations of the customer are of course continuously taken into account, and new points of improvement are also discussed.

The design

The website design has an industrial look that matches the location. Besides club nights, Maassilo also holds various business events. The colors and style ensure that the look of the website responds to both situations. Maassilo uses atmospheric photos and videos that evoke emotions in the visitor. During the design process, we thought about how to do justice to these images.