Social Media Marketing

A successful Social Media Marketing campaign should have the right content, strategy and targets. You don't know how to start? Or you just don't have time for that? No worries. The Dare Company is social media consult and expert in this area. We create content, give advice and organize advertising. We know how to create the perfect buzz, so your business targets can be reached.

Effective social media content

Social media has fast moving platforms and you want to get attention with short catchy texts. This is a difficult, because there is a very high concurrention between companies on social media. The social media specialists of The Dare Company know how to create effective social media content. We observe your social media canals and we will write a social media plan with a good strategie to execute this quickly.  We can do this for B2B as for B2C. We know how to gain your business more likes, reactions, pins, plusses, followers and hearts. We know how to hit the right note to increase the engagement.

Starting the social media plan

We analyze your current social media canals and we reserch your bottlenecks. We implement the fitting strategy and targets into the new social media plan. Your social media canals will be expand and arranged. After this, we will start to arrange the content calendar. This is a specific planning when the content will be published on what platform.

We keep in mind your fans and who you want to reach. We have the expertize to create fitting content for evere social media platform.


Creating visual content

Our creative wizards will create the visual cntent that fits in with the text. These images will draw the attention to the text. Also videos will create a higher engagemant. We produce videos that perfectly fits you community. Have a look at the videos we created for The Dare Company social media canals.

Advertising on social media

Do you want to see a quick result on your social media canals? We make that possible! We have lots of experience with social media advertising. We arrange campaigns that fits perfectly with your business goals. Thereafter we target the desired target audience and we make sure that the advertisements will reach your potential customers. At the end, you want your investments pay back itself in leads, brand awareness and/or conversion on your website. We have done successful campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.