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The correct look and feel for your brand

Your company needs a new or improved website design. You are aiming for a fresher, cleaner look and you have certain ideas about what you would like to change. It is a true profession to translate these vision and ideas into a complete new design. Aspects that need to be taken into account are corporate design and identity, user experience, customer journey, and the complete communication strategy.

Webdesign and The Dare Company

The Dare Company delivers the webdesign of your improved website. We have gained a lot of experience in past years in different design and layout possibilities and we have designed new websites for a wide range of companies. During the design proces, we look closely at the latest trends and developments in the field of design, user friendliness and user experience.

We start by discussing what your goal is of your website. How do you approach it? Who is your target audience? What is the purpose? What are the points of attention? How would you like to differentiate yourself? We will translate your desires into the webdesign. Your wishes form the basis and we design a appearance that fits your vision. With our web specialists, we are able to put efford in the user experience of the website. This will result in a website that doesn't only look good, but is user friendly too. This is a big plus for the conversion-ratio.


The process

Designing a website is an entire process. In the case of a existing website, we take this as the starting point. We closely analyze the existing website and advice on improvements. The content is this case, will in most cases be used for the new website. Recognizability is of great importance, in other words: we take the corporate identity and design as bottom line. We outline the goals of the website together with you, in order to stay on the same page. Next, our UX designer starts on the development of the structure and flow. In this phase, we translate the interaction design to a visual design. Furthermore, we take into account the fact that users will be visiting the site using different devices and therefor we deliver a responsive website to guarantee the best user experience.

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Interested in webdesign?

We are not only specialized in designing your website, but also in building it. Because we have both specialisms in-house, we have a short communication line between the designers and developers. You are at the right adress when you are looking for a company to design your website. Are you interested in woring together? Contact us for more information!