The seasonal
Brand New Magazine

Brand New Magazine is a new magazine, which started in the fall of 2017. A new edition is released every season, which is then available at leading stores, hotels, restaurants, wellness centers and golf courses. In this magazine you can read the latest news about fashion, beauty, food, real estate and much more. We have developed a complete website for Brand New Magazine and we also provide the design for the physical editions. In addition to that, we also maintain their social media accounts and send newsletters to customers.

Magazine Design

The Dare Company is responsible for the entire design of the physical edition of Brand New Magazine - from the cover to the advertisements and from eye catchers to all editorial pages. Obviously, the corporate identity and the general look and feel of the brand are taken into account everywhere.

Website development

We have designed and developed the entire website of Brand New Magazine. We made sure to work within the corporate identity. All magazine articles are posted on the website as well. We have built a custom-made functionality in order to be able to consistently and conveniently post the written articles online.

Social Media

We have been taking care of the social media accounts of Brand New Magazine from the very beginning. Articles from the magazine are promoted on Facebook and Instagram and the brand values are communicated in each post.