Real Estate Marketing

The real estate sector is characterised by a cycle of high peaks and troughs. Supply and demand are not synchronised, which means that the marketing needs in the real estate sector regularly change focus. Sometimes there is a need for supply and sometimes there is a need for demand. The Dare Company acts as an expert in the field of real estate marketing and real estate communication for both target groups. In addition, the clients are also very diverse: from investors and private equity firms that need branding to brokers and suppliers who are looking for sales conversion.

Real Estate Marketing by The Dare Company

Because of our experience in the real estate sector, we understand that it is important to express your distinctive capacity through the right real estate communication. We do this by establishing the corporate identity of your organisation. We design a branding for for your company that makes your company recognisable. We have already achieved this for several customers.

Together with our other units, we offer a wide range of services. This relieves the customer and gives them the opportunity to purchase all services from one marketing and communication agency. This includes the construction and maintenance of a website that works well on both a mobile phone and desktop.

In addition, we can ensure that the website is available in multiple language versions and can be found in different countries (SEO / SEA). Our English language skills always come in handy when optimising a website for the international market.

We are passionate about video marketing. For example, we have experience with creating corporate videos, animations and 360-degree videos.

Our clients in Real Estate

The Dare Company is a full-service marketing and communication agency. We can optimise your branding from start to finish to match the need of your clients.

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Our added value

In addition, we have a lot of experience with real estate marketing and real estate communication, so that we can provide you with the best marketing services. We work with clients like Fihuma Bouw, Woonhave and DC Venture Capital Partners. While working with these clients, we stay up to date with the trends en developments in your branche.

Together with your organisation, we develop a real estate marketing strategy that works for your companu. We convert this strategy into clear, result-oriented actions. We are specialised in search engine marketing (SEO / SEA), branding, web development and content marketing.