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Basro electrical and security engineering

Founded in the year 1976, Basro BV has been using the core values: quality, reliability, service and craftsmanship for more than 40 years. Basro BV is an electrotechnical and security installation company that mainly facilitates light, data networks and security. The customers of Basro BV are located in various industries. Thus they work among others for:

• Gemeente Rotterdam / Capelle aan den IJssel
• Aafje
• Burger King

One thing is certain, at Basro BV your installations are in good hands.

A new website for Basro

We have revamped the design of the old website. We took into account the right colors and round shapes that give atmosphere. We used the colors green and gray, but also white to radiate light and tranquility. Something that fits well with Basro BV. The design of the website is such that on the desktop it is not possible to scroll. This ensures that all content remains above the viewpoint.

On the website there is a special emphasis on their portfolio cases, so you can see all the creative lighting work Barso BV has done. The image is placed full screen and says more than a 1000 words.

In addition, on the 'services' page all the expertises of Basro BV are supported with short stories. This page is designed to be user-friendly for both desktop and mobile devices. By using handy tabs and icons, the user can easily be provided with the right information.