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Online- and offline marketing

Stand out strategically

A clear online strategy will increase the conversion, brand awareness and you will reach your target audience with the right message. A online marketing strategy is important for almost every business. It is important that your marketing budget will be used efficient. Do you think it's hard to do it yourself? The Dare Company can set up an online strategy for you and your business and we can take care of the offline marketing possibilities too. 

Setting up the online marketing strategy

The online marketing specialists of The Dare Company will start with putting your business on the map. Where are you at the moment? We will take interviews with stakeholders and analyse the current marketing activities. With a so called SWOT-analysis, we will determine your position in the market.

Besides this, we will research your target audiences and your unique selling points. This will provide an unique proposition. With determine specific targets, we come up with actions to meet your targets within your fixed budget. 

online and offline marketing
online marketing

Search engine marketing

A part of online strategy exists out of search engine marketing. Ranking higher in search engines, your website will get more relevant visitors. We can help you with both online-marketing and Search Engine Advertisements. The strategy to be found easier by your target audience is creating relevant content on your website. Content that your target audience appreciates and will increase the links, likes, plusses, shares, and followers. This can be achieved with writing news items, blogs, product launching, trendwatching etc. it is important that this content will be written following the SEO rules of search engines.

The Dare Company has experienced content marketeers who are trained to write SEO-proof content. In other words, the texts will be found easily. We think of strategies whereby the content will get attention on a very wide scale. We connect this content with email marketing, social media marketing, and search engine marketing. We keep in mind that the content must be unique to be top-ranked.

Adjust the Strategy appropiately

We implement and monitor the marketing expressions. Do we meet the target? or are the visitors staying away? We can adjust the strategy appropiately by analysing the progress. In this way, we can determine which marketing tools are working and which don't.

By using the marketingeuro rightly, we can get the maximum efficiency out of your marketing budget. If your marketing budget increases your business, it can be interesting to invest more during the campaigns if your company can deal with the growth. By adjusting the marketingplan we realise a maximum efficiency for your company.

internet marketing

At The Dare Company, our content marketers are all trained to write texts that are SEO proof. In other words: the texts are found well in search engines. If your customer searches online for a specific topic, he or she does not have to click through multiple pages to reach your company. The goal of SEO is to make your website appear as high as possible on the first page. In addition, we devise exquisite strategies to bring this content to the broadest possible attention. We weave the content through e-mail marketing, social media marketing and search engine marketing. In addition, we keep in mind that the content must be unique in order to be well ranked.

marketing online

Social media marketing plan

Social media is used for various purposes. For example, to create brand awareness or to generate more traffic to your website. But how do you achieve your goal and which social media channels should you use? All questions we can help you with. We are going to work for you with a social media strategy.

We set the goals together with you, examine your target group and determine the channels. We describe the strategy in the social media marketing plan and we will measure and analyze the results. Do you want a successful strategy?

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