Professional appearance through powerful imagery

Video marketing cannot be missing from your marketing strategy nowadays. Video is a fast growing and very important tool to strengthen your brand. An opportunity you can't afford to miss!

Video marketing by The Dare Company

We are well aware that video marketing is more important than ever. It is increasingly used as a marketing tool for websites and social media. Websites get a more professional look by using powerful video material. As a reputable company, you can therefore not stay behind! It has also been proven that video messages are better received by users than written text and images. Don't have the resources and knowledge to carry out video marketing yourself? The Dare Company has video specialists who define strategies and carry out all of the marketing activities!

Making a company movie

A creative company film ensures a positive corporate image. With the video you not only promote the company, but customers also get a look behind the scenes of the organisation. This way, you create a powerful corporate identity! The transparent attitude gains (potential) customers' trust. By means of image and sound, your message comes across well and you create brand perception. A testimonial video of a satisfied customer, for example, is ideal to use as content! After all, a new customer is more likely to accept a real customer experience than a sales pitch. 

We have all the professional tools to produce the right promotional video, including a 360-degree camera. The cool videos made with this camera attract attention and literally show the complete picture. We also have professional videographers and can conduct interviews. Therefore, we can do the whole process from script to production and editing for you! Prefer an animated video? Read more about it here

video marketing

SEO and videomarketing 

After the video is finished, it should of course easily be found in Google or Youtube. Besides video marketing, we are also experts in Youtube marketing. We have in-house SEO experts who know all the tricks of the trade and know how to optimise your video according to SEO guidelines. This results in good organic findability of your video. We also have social media addicts who have extensive experience with video advertising. They will make sure that your video is published and promoted on, for example, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. This way we ensure that you are optimally visible and that you achieve your desired results!