How does Google work?

"We know Google's secret. Of course, it really doesn't sound that secret. Google 'just' has some exciting and specialized, but basically it's all logical evaluation criteria by which they compare Web pages. If you know these, you can capitalize on them. So are online marketing agencies redundant? Certainly not, even if we say so ourselves! It still takes specialist work and especially a lot of time to meet these evaluation criteria. We take you through the broad outlines of Google's current policy. But eh ... don't tell anyone!

Organic or SEA?

First of all, what's important to know: Google usually shows two types of search results: paid ads and organic search results. Paid ads work under the rules of SEA (which you can read more about here), or Search Engine Advertising. Here you pay to appear at the very top of the search results for certain keywords. Then the content of the landing page your ad links to determines whether and how high it will appear here and how much ad fee you have to pay when someone clicks on it. Very convenient if you want to get to the top quickly, less convenient just that it says it's an ad.... This also makes it very important for most organizations to rank high in organic search results.|

Hoe Google Werkt - Het Geheim van Google ; SEO


The organic search results, that is, the search results that are not ads, are ranked according to the rules of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.  Google looks at (crawled) every nook and cranny of the Internet once every three months to assess how a page ranks. This score determines how high the page appears in the results for certain keywords. This score consists of three pillars:

1. Content
Google evaluates the content of a page on a number of factors. For example, the text should be long enough (more than 300 words at least), it should preferably contain images, some links to other pages on the site and links to other websites. This ensures that Google's programs will find it a worthy page. These things are important to get high in search results at all.

When we talk about a specific keyword and Google's rating, we see that the search engine considers it important for the keyword to appear in the title of the page and in the name of the images. Also, the word should be used scattered throughout the text, but not too often. The search engine will catch on if you write words purely for findability - it has to be really good content!

Furthermore, Google pays attention that there is only one main headline, that the keyword is in the meta description of the page, in the alt tag of the images and in the first paragraph of the text. It is also important that the title and meta description are not too short or too long. If all these things are in order, the content portion of Google's assessment is virtually optimized!