Artificial Intelligence; Our New Colleague?

The difference between "artificial" intelligence and the intelligence that computers and other machines have always had is the ability of AI to continue to evolve itself and continue to learn after it has been programmed. Thus, AI continues to get more and more intelligent! So in order not to lose our jobs, we writers continue to do just that... Therefore, we took a moment to delve into the reasons we are still desperately needed!

ChatGPT was only launched in November 2022, but is already the most famous chatbot out there. Using artificial intelligence, the program can process and respond to extensive chunks of text incredibly quickly. The responses are so "real", as if actually typed by a human, that it has had a huge impact on the world. Not least because, for now at least, it is free.
Some organizations or other website owners may now be thinking: why should I pay someone to write blogs for SEO purposes anymore? Can't everyone just ask ChatGPT to do this for free now? You may not be surprised to hear us say this as a marketing and communications agency, but NO! We understand that we need to substantiate this, so here's a quick rundown:

Choosing the subject

Determining the topic of an SEO text remains specialized work, which requires marketing research. For example, our marketers look at which keywords are popular through various channels, how difficult it is to rank for them, and they also have to determine to what extent the people searching for a certain word will actually be a useful website visitor for the client. In short, this seems to be human work (for now).

Chatbots need a lot of instruction

To get good text out of a chatbot like ChatGPT, it is important to put in the right instructions. In fact, our marketers have now had courses on this! Not only the description of what a text should be about is important here, but also the tone-of-voice, emphasis, length and much more. So a simple push of a button is definitely not it!

Google is on to you!

The almighty Google, in whose shadow we marketers exist, of course, as an all-seeing eye, has long had tools to see who all is cheating! We've tested it and find that it doesn't always work completely, but mostly it does. In any case, the tools never think the texts we've really pulled out of our fingers are fake. Very occasionally, an AI text comes through that Google seems to think is okay anyway.

Never REALLY new content

If we really want to go into it philosophically, we could argue that all knowledge expressed is just an amalgamation of knowledge already gained before, so that by now nothing is ever really new. So with AI there would only be a representation of this idea occurring and thus it would be as new as when someone writes a text from memory themselves. Still, it seems smarter to shape a text yourself. You might just come up with an interesting text layout that sets you apart from other websites.

So, useless?

Although we might prefer not to be honest about it, we have to admit that we do like using tool ChatGPT! Mainly because it can sometimes give you an idea of what you can include in a piece, or because it can make complicated things a little easy for you. For example, if you need to write a complicated piece about a bill or a medical study - which we know very little about - we ask our chatbot friend if he can explain it to us in simple language. We then use that in completely different words in the final text we deliver!

So don't endlessly resist the possibilities of artificial intelligence, but don't just let them take over all your work either. First, it doesn't work well enough (yet) and second, we find it far too much fun to sit in the office with real people....