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Search Engine advertsing

Conversies door jouw advertentie

By advertising on Google, you will be easier found by your customers. This part of search engine marketing is interesting for many companies and produces promotion for your products or services. Google Adwords is the tool whereby the advertisements will be made in and where all the specifications will be added.

Google advertising 

If you want to advertise on the internet, there are various possibilities to do so. You can choose to advertise by using text advertisements, image advertisements, a Google-shopping advertisement or reach your customers again with a retargeting campaign.

Google Search and Display

The ads in Google Search are the first results that are visible after performing a search. Keywords are linked to the advertisement and these are assessed by Google on the basis of a quality score. This is mainly due to the relevance of the keyword in relation to the advertisement and the page that is being referred to. With Google Display, an advertisement becomes visible in banners on different websites. We can set exactly to whom and when these banners are displayed. This way guarantees that the target group is approached effectively and specifically.


Google search and display

The advertisements in Google Search are the first links that are visible while searching in Google. Keywords are connected to the advertisements and these will be rated by Google on the basis of a quality score. This will be established by the relevance of the keyword with the advertisement. With Google Display, the advertisements will be shown as banners on multiple websites. We can set to whom and when these banners should be visible. using this technique, we are able to reach your target audience in the right way.

google advertising



Google shopping

With Google Shopping, you can advertise on the internet with a webshop. This is a search engine for products and it will be visible when someone is searching for a product on Google. A grid will appear on top of the search results. Multiple products that fit the keywords are visible in this grid. The stakeholder is searching for your product and will click on it on purpose. This is the reason why the conversion ratio of a Google Shopping advertisement is very high!

Optimize Google Ads

The Dare Company is happy to help you optimize your Google Ads campaigns! We have employees certified by Google who provide professional assistance. They do this by optimally designing the campaigns, following them pro-actively and constantly adjusting where necessary to achieve optimum results. Collaborate?

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