Because we have the most diverse clients at The Dare Company, we have also developed the most diverse websites, products and campaigns. Some clients have very specific wishes for their websites, which our developers and designers can then get their teeth into. Besides API links, we develop and install complete programmes, forms and games on our clients' websites. Read more in this blog about what API links are and what else we can customise!

Custom functions

Of course, we always try to meet all our clients' requirements, no matter how specific they are. Because we have a marketing department as well as a design department and a development department, we can always join forces to come up with beautiful and creative solutions together. Creating a website, of course, always involves many wishes and requirements from the customer. The style, the flow, the tone-of-voice - everything can be customised with us and our various departments. Below you can see some examples of specific custom functions that our developing wizkids have come up with and implemented.

Pain test - OPTT

For this Optimal Performance Therapist, The Dare Company developed a form with personal questions. The resulting score between 0 and 50 ultimately indicates what the patient can do best. Check out the pain test here!

Return of investment calculation module - ER Capital

With the property managers at ER Capital, you can purchase cumulative preference shares, which yield a certain fixed percentage cash dividend on the value of the share, while at the same time the value of the share increases, which means the percentage cash dividend also increases. Do you get it? Neither do we. That's why we developed a little program where you can easily enter your target investment, and our developers' noughts and ones will do the rest for you! Handy, isn't it? Check out the calculation module here!

Ink passport - Tattoo Bob

This passport allows Tattoo Bob's tattooers to keep track of all their clients' ink types on their bodies. The customer can fill in this form with their details, after which Tattoo Bob's staff can add the necessary data to it themselves. A PDF can then also be easily generated from it. 

Fitness profile tracking - You-Mens

This lifestyle coach and orthomolecular and hormone therapist wanted a nice system in which clients can keep track of their development. They can track their weight and fat percentage through this feature. In doing so, they can add photos to compare with those on another. We hope it helps!

Order form - Restaurant Shiki 

For this delicious sushi restaurant in Rotterdam, we had to ensure that their delivery service ran smoothly. The order form therefore had to be customised. This client wanted to be able to specify the postal codes to which they deliver, so that hungry orderers would immediately know if they lived within this area. In doing so, the people at Shiki can set that certain postcodes should pay different delivery charges than other postcodes. Highly recommended for all restaurants that want to be able to deliver home even without Thuisbezorgd! Check out Shiki's order form here!  

API links

API links are useful tools to make your website meet your specific needs. But what exactly is API? API stands for Application Programming Interface, and is a piece of software that links two different programmes or systems together in such a way that they can communicate. Below you can see some examples of what these links are used for.


We have installed API links for forms on a website. At the back end of the website, these ensure that all completed contact or appointment forms end up in the right mailbox. The programmes we link to are, for example, Pipedrive or Active Campaign. 


Convenient links can also be created for agenda items. This allows people to easily link calendars with each other and place events in multiple calendars immediately. For this, we work with programmes like Concapps.


By making API links with systems like National Georegister and Google Maps, interesting location-specific functions can be added to websites. For example, for our client, an organisation that helps house hunters find their way, we have ensured that a visitor's full location is retrieved after entering just the postcode and house number. This can then be used to precisely calculate the distance between the website visitor's address and a house that can be found on


The most common API links are to payment systems. Online payments are almost always arranged through external organisations. Here you can think of Paypal, Ideal, Buckaroo, banks or Mollie.

As you can see, there are almost endless ways to make your website exactly the most user-friendly and/or secure for its visitors. We would love to help you create your ideal website or webshop! Curious about how we can take your project to another level? Then get in touch!

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